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ProVentus Life Sciences is a pharmaceutical company focused on:


  • Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

  • Providing Contract Manufacturing and Research Services with an emphasis on process development, scale-up and manufacturing;


ProVentus serves leading pharmaceutical companies across the globe for their requirement APIs, chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates for existing and drugs under development


Core Competency:


  • Scale-up process developed by customer;

  • Route selection

  • Develop process and scale-up to provide multi-kilo material

  • Process optimization – Reaction conditions, Solvent optimization, cycle-time optimization


All activities carried out under cGMP

ProVentus Advantage

  • Strategic location - Chennai, South India; a prime location Insulated from major pharmaceutical companies Availability of talent-pool

  • Established track record with leading pharma-majors across the globe

  • Management & operations expertise available

  • Proposed growth plans encompasses the entire spectrum of chemistry related pharmaceutical services