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Our Infrastructure facilities include three multi-purpose intermediate blocks, Class 100’000 Cleanroom (Iso Class 8), and separate warehouses for solids, liquids raw materials, and underground tanks for storing flammable solvents. We ensure safety in all our operations & well-defined procedures and have a full-fledged QC lab attached to the main office building.

We’ve streamlined operations with a QA department in the main office building, while research and development takes place in a separate building with a clean-room-equipped kilo lab. Our dedicated RO and purified water plant, utility buildings with boiler and chill water systems, and a dedicated ETP plant reflect our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Intermediate Manufacturing

Located within our manufacturing facility, our expertise extends to Intermediate Manufacturing, a critical part of making pharmaceuticals. We excel at creating and quality-checking chemical intermediates. These intermediates serve as essential building blocks for making medicines, and our dedication guarantees they meet the highest industry standards, ensuring top-quality products for pharmaceutical advancement.

API Manufacturing

API Manufacturing is at the heart of our pharmaceutical production. Our specialisation lies in crafting and testing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the fundamental chemical compounds that drive the therapeutic effects of pharmaceutical drugs. These APIs serve as the core components in medicines, and our unwavering commitment guarantees their compliance with the highest industry standards, ensuring top-quality pharmaceutical solutions.

Commercial Plant

No. of Intermediate Blocks : 3 Nos
Type of Reactors : MSGL/SS & PP, 0.25 KL - 5.0 KL
Filtration Equipment : Leaf & Sparkler
Product Filtration : Centrifuges-SS, Halar & Nutsche (24 inch - 48 inch)
Dedicated Clean Room : Class 100'000 (ISO Class 8)
Clean Room Reactors : 0.5 - 3.0 KL (SS & MSGL)
Clean Room Filtration : Centrifuge - SS, 36 inch - 48 inch
Separate Powder Processing Area : Drier, Multi Mill, Sifter, Blender & Dedicated FG Storage


Kilo Lab (Intermediate Area) : AGLR’s, 20 L - 100 L
Supporting Types of Equipment : Centrifuge, Nutsche Filter & VTD
Dedicated Kilo Lab Clean Room : Class 100'000 (ISO Class 8)
Types of Clean Room Equipment : 100 L Reactor, VTD, Multi mill & Sifter

Reactions Handled at Plant Scale

Integrated Management System

Environmental Management Systems

Health Management Systems

Safety Management Systems